GhidraSleighEditor README

GhidraSleighEditor README

GhidraSleighEditor makes developing and modifying Ghidra Sleigh processor modules much more enjoyable by providing a modern day context sensitive editor with syntax highlighting, navigation, context sensitive error notation, quick fixes, and more. The editor is built with the excellent XTEXT DSL framework within Eclipse.

The information provided in this document is effective as of Ghidra Sleigh Editor 1.0.0 and is subject to change with future releases.

Minimum Requirements

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Installing GhidraSleighEditor

GhidraSleighEditor is installed manually into Eclipse and should be installed by anyone interested in working with processor module sleigh specifications. The Sleigh Editor must be manually installed in Eclipse. In the future the extension may be installed automatically along with the GhidraDev Eclipse plugin when setting up Eclipse for Ghidra scripting and plugin development.

Install pre-Built

GhidraSleighEditor can be installed into an existing installation of Eclipse the same way most Eclipse plugins are installed. From Eclipse:

  1. Click Help → Install New Software...
  2. Click Add...
  3. Click Archive...
  4. Select GhidraSleighEditor zip file from <GhidraInstallDir>/Extensions/Eclipse/GhidraSleighEditor/
  5. Click OK (name field can be blank)
  6. Check Ghidra category (or Ghidra Sleigh Editor entry)
  7. Click Next
  8. Click Next
  9. Accept the terms of the license agreement
  10. Click Finish
  11. Click Install anyway
  12. Click Restart Now

Building Eclipse Sleigh Editor

    To build the Sleigh Editor, follow the instructions in ghidra/ to setup eclipse for development. Then follow the directions in ghidra/GhidraBuild/EclipsePlugins/GhidraSleighEditor/ghidra.xtext.sleigh.feature/build_README.txt.


GhidraSleighEditor can be uninstalled as follows from Eclipse:

  1. Click Help → About Eclipse
  2. Click Installation Details
  3. Select Ghidra Sleigh Editor
  4. Click Uninstall...
  5. Select Ghidra Sleigh Editor
  6. Click Finish
  7. Click Restart Now

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GhidraSleighEditor can be upgraded the same way it was initially installed.

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Sleigh Editor Features

The Ghidra Sleigh Editor provides a variety of features one would expect in any modern IDE to make viewing, modifying, debugging, and creating Sleigh processor specifications as painless as possible. Once installed, any .sinc or .slaspec file that is edited will be brought up in the sleigh editor.

The editor provides the following capabilities:

Change History

1.0.0: Initial release in Ghidra 9.1

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